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It really IS about you!

It's the story of your life.

You are unique with dreams, hopes, and passions. Just like no two people are the same, no two weddings are the same. Whether it's a small wedding with just a few guests or a large ceremony seating thousands, each has a story to tell.

Your wedding is no different.

For 25 years, Marc Shepherd Photography has traveled the world telling stories reflecting the uniqueness of each individual and couple.  

We don't just take pictures. Instead, we focus on telling stories through the lens. Capturing the moments and the looks, we put them together into a story you can tell your family and friends...one you will remember for a lifetime.

Based in Austin, Marc Shepherd Photography will capture your day in a unique way that tells your special story!

After all, it's your life, your love...You!

About Marc Shepherd

Your wedding is suppose to be fun!  Sure, there is usually some stress in making sure everything is just right: the right flowers, the right cake, the right dress.

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to stress over the your photographer?

The greatest joy I get from photographing weddings are the fantastic people I get to meet. Small weddings or large weddings: It makes no difference. Your wedding is the most important one. I arrive early and stay late. My desire is to make sure you get the right pictures that tell the right story.  

Marc Shepherd Photography serves Central Texas including Austin, Waco, Killeen, and surrounding areas. Let's meet and talk about your special day and how I can capture it in a way you will always remember.

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Marc Shepherd Photography
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